Germans Media Technology & Services

To obtain a fruitful collaboration, we emphasize strongly on learning and understanding the customer's wishes. With innovative ideas, creative thinking and a practical approach to things, we aim to understand and get the job done.

We specialize in the following areas:

Germans Media Technlogy & Services is the brainchild of Desmond M. Germans from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. After studying Physics-Applied Computer Science and doing a Ph.D in Applied Virtual Reality, performing as a VJ in clubs around Europe, he started the company in 2003, providing scientific and technological services to small industry, artists and knowledge institutes.


Open the Oyster

Creativity workshops for large (financial) corporations. Unique blend of science, teachings and theatre.


The future of healthcare robotics, as derived from the SELEMCA project.

Quant Consultancy

Very reliable one-stop electronics development and manufacturing company.